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Brussels‘ Pfizer Dome is an exemplary illustration of the philosophy that underlies all the projects designed by Montois Partners: optimal functional design. Pfizer Dome, which was initially designed to house a global pharmaceutical company, was eventually purchased by another pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, for its Belgian head office.A major issue was to adapt the building to the demands of the site. The building‘s volume incorporates a steep slope, and ensures that daylight penetrates all levels, including basement levels. Because of this unique situation, and in order to facilitate service access, the building‘s restaurant was located in the basement, four levels underground, and has the benefit of daylight as if it were located above the ground. Fire escapes are located externally, in order to optimise the office space area while forming a harmonious whole with the entrance portal and the service roof floor. Pfizer Dome is covered with clear, semi-reflective structural glazing and granite, and has a transparent high-tech allure. The Li-shaped building is open onto the boulevard and thus creates an inviting sense of arrival by way of a small bridge over an exquisite landscaped garden which comes equipped with a pond, The main entrance is enhanced by a 6-metre-high (20-foot) glass-enclosed cube.

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