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Addition to a Stunning private house设计师:George Moustroufis
设计团队:Moustroufis Architects
图片:21张AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-1Addition to a Private Residence是由设计师George Moustroufis,还有其团队Moustroufis Architects一起打造的一个私人住宅。2016年,他们将这个三层的住宅建筑进行了重新装修。房子的主人想扩展下建筑的功能,以便满足整个家庭成员的需要,而且,因为他们都喜欢经常在家里招待宾客,他们也想更好的利用家庭空间。以此为基础,George Moustroufis的计划是做一个两层高的大客厅,这样就有足够大的地方可以招待许多客人。 现在改造后的客厅与餐厅是连接在一起的,为人们提供更大更宽敞的食物服务区。客厅里还有一架按照房间长度订制的楼梯,可以一直通往那个一楼位于主卧旁边的小办公室里。五个形状各异风格不同的大窗户让层高显得更高,并且凸显出客厅的宽敞,透过窗户,主人还能随时看到花园里的场景。 译者:柒柒 Addition to a Private Residence is a project designed by George Moustroufis and his team of Moustroufis Architects.The stunning three-storey house was remodeled in 2016.The owners desired an extension to their house that could adapt to the needs of their family and in accordance with their social life, which involves frequent entertaining of guests.George Moustroufis’s design proposed the creation of a double height living room, large enough to host many guests. Taking this decision, the current living room of the existing house was incorporated to the dinning room providing a larger food serving area.The living room’s layout was enriched by a long staircase that follows the length of the room and leads to the office of the couple, on the first floor, next to their bedroom.Five high windows of characteristic shape and style intensify the height and the prestige of the living room, and let the owners have a direct view and access to their garden.AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-2Addition to a Stunning私人住宅外部实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-3Addition to a Stunning私人住宅外部实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-4Addition to a Stunning私人住宅外部实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-5Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-6Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-7Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-8Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-9Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-10Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-11Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-12Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-13Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-14Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-15Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-16Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-17Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-18Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-19Addition to a Stunning私人住宅室内实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-20Addition to a Stunning私人住宅外部夜景实景图AdditiontoaStunning私人住宅-21Addition to a Stunning私人住宅外部夜景实景图