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沿着水道与沿街的咖啡馆骑行,去De PijP地区探访创意小店,或是在水道边找个小角落喝点啤酒看看来往的船只,在阿姆斯特丹的日子仿佛没有丝毫压力,有的只是无穷尽的好时光。

Ride your bicycle along café-lined waterways, visit the most creative shops around De PijP or just kick back by the canal and try a few cold Dutch beers. It’s pretty hard to get stressed in Amsterdam, but having a good time is easy.

▽ 青旅外观,external view

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_01

Generator Amsterdam毗邻Oosterpark公园,位于日渐繁华的城市东侧地区。这座青旅由动物学大学建筑改建而来,宽敞而空间灵活的公共区域中,创意无处不在。玻璃外墙的观光电梯让阴暗的电梯井成为一道靓丽的风采,位于二层的咖啡厅与室外用餐区让人们恍如置身于丛林之中。曾经的大礼堂被改造为让人一见难忘的休息室兼酒吧,而过去的图书馆如今是供人放松游玩的私密性活动空间。旧有的锅炉房中暗藏着一个夜间酒吧,这里与咖啡厅一样都成为了无数美食爱好者趋之若鹜的新地标。

Generator Amsterdam is located in the up-and-coming eastern side of the city overlooking Oosterpark. This former zoological university building has flexible and spacious social areas, filled with creative design touches like glass-fronted elevators, a raised café and an outdoor terrace. We’ve turned the former lecture hall into an impressive chill-out lounge and bar, while the old library is now a relaxation and private events room. The basement and café are now dining destinations and the original boiler room has become a secret late night bar.

▽ 入口空间,entrance

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_02

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_03_2

▽ 休息室,seating area

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_03_1

▽ 接待处,reception

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_03

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_04

▽ 玻璃外墙的观光电梯让阴暗的电梯井成为一道靓丽的风采, glass-fronted elevators

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_18

▽ 绘有涂鸦的楼梯间,staircase with graffiti

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_16   Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_17

▽ 走廊,corridor

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_14

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_15



This is a bar with a difference. This multi-level, former lecture hall has been converted into an auditorium with tiered seating and a mezzanine chill-out space looking down on the bar which is made out of the original lecture desk. The classroom style seating has been cleverly repurposed to give the bar a comfortable lounge style but with a dynamic social feel. The original windows flood the room with natural light to make this the perfect spot for working or just hanging out. As the sun goes down the velvet curtains are drawn, the lights are dimmed and the place turns into a late night bar.

▽ 由礼堂改造而来的酒吧,the former lecture hall was turned into an impressive chill-out lounge and bar

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_08

▽ 由讲台改造而来的酒水服务区,the bar is made out of the original lecture desk

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_10

▽ 如课室般的行列状座位设置,the classroom style seating

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_09

▽ 高高在上俯瞰酒吧的夹层休息区,a mezzanine chill-out space looking down on the bar

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_11



The café is the heart of the Gen Amsterdam for day and night time dining, From local coffee roasters to the infamous Gen Burger the menu is locally inspired. The wall graphics by local artists playfully emanate Amsterdam’s culture. Go back to nature and dine outside on our raised veranda and take in the outstanding park views. With pastel tones and numerous windows, the café’s a light, bright venue for travellers and locals alike.

▽ 露台上的用餐空间被茂盛的树丛所环绕,the raised veranda is surrounded by nature

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_07

▽ 亮丽的色彩与高大的窗户渲染出轻松而明亮的空间氛围,pastel tones and numerous windows make the café’s a light, bright venue

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_06



Connected to the Auditorium bar by a raised walkway, The Library is a hidden sanctuary of calm. Maintaining the original library features and the space has been modernised through bold colours and imagery. The shelves are stacked with orange booked and pay homage to Holland’s cultural colour. It’s the ideal space to read, relax and unwind yet lends itself well to become a unique setting for screenings and private events.

▽ 通过廊道与礼堂吧相连的“图书馆”宁静平和,the Library is a hidden sanctuary of calm

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_12

▽ 书架上堆满的荷兰标志性橙色染成的书本,the shelves are stacked with orange booked and pay homage to Holland’s cultural colour

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_13

客房 Guest Rooms


The hotel can accommodate 564 guests in 168 twin and quadruple rooms with incredible views on the surrounding and en-suite bathrooms. There is also one luxury apartment for six people with views of the park and a self-catered kitchen.

▽ 双人间,twin room

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_20

▽ 四人间,quadruple room

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_21

▽ luxury apartment for six people,6人公寓

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_23

Generator Amsterdam_DesignAgency_22