Mixture of conda2 and conda3 problem and A guidance of environment set-up for windows users

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Sometime, Conda2 and conda3 are exits in a system at the same time. When we creat new environment, there may be some confusion for machine to figure out which version should be. This could solve this problem by specifying the version of python and also works for Windows.

 I write this guidance for windows users. Hopefully, it will be helpful.


Download and install miniconda3.


py=3.5 and windows

Then start Anaconda Prompt

If you cannot find it, go to the default path, run activate.bat by using terminal: normally, it should be in:

C:/Users/ [your username] /Miniconda3/Scripts/activate.bat

Before we do the same thing as what teacher told, we should run this commend:

conda install git


Then according to teacher ‘s guidence

Just change one thing:

conda create --name lab1


conda create -n lab1 python=3.5

(which is should also can solve people who choose MLP last semester on DICE, and just run this commend instead of the old one)

Others just remain.


Hope this can help you.


If you have any problems pls just write here, let's solve it together.