Silverlight for Linux

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这是真的哦,货真价实,官方地址是[url][/url]下面是页面介绍A page to track the various projects that will make up the Mono-based implementation of Silverlight. Silverlight 1.1([url][/url]) is a new development technology for the Web created by Microsoft based on the CLR that augments it with a 2D retained graphics system and media playback engine and ships a subset of the standard .NET libraries. Building an open source implementation on top of Mono is an obvious choice as Mono has most of the technologies required to implement it but is missing a few components. In this page we will track the work required and the design decisions involved in creating an open source version of it. Moonlight is the temporary name for the project. 现在你有理由来关注这个新技术了吧!!!