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1,更改任何文件, 先checkout, 再继续更改。2. 更新sln时, 一定要更新include文件3. 每次提交代码放到shelf上, 自己本地建立2个workspace, 来进行codereview, 完成后让龙海进行测试。 一定要告诉龙海影响了哪些功能, 需要不需要进行完整的回归测试。

4. 解决bug时, 应该关联changeset。
Template when solve a DIM by developer===============================================================================Problem Analysis : <describe the analysis result>Solve Solution : <describe how to solve this problem>Impact Analysis : <describe the impact to other components>Changeset Number : <add the changeset number here and add the link of changeset>Test Instruction : (Optional) <describe how to test this change>Unit Test Case Name: <put the name of unit test case which is used to validate the bug and prevent the bug occur>===============================================================================Plus: when you try to solve a DIM please do the following steps:Link the bug with changeset (actually when you do the check-in choose the DIM as work item)Add comments for each changeset (clearly describe your comments for every check in)Use this template to fill the comments

Scrum TeamBug IDResolverWhen to be fixedRemarkPA101531Jiangong.li5.20PA95008Jaingong.li6.8Need to analysis the system control.PA102195Jiangong.li5.20PA95459Jiangong.li5.25PA100011Jiangong.li5.20PA96758Jiangong.li5.20

5. 如果是其他组bug, 一定要改category为其他组

6. 手动插入数据库表时, 基本表和扩展表都得插入

7.Any problem will delay the project should be highlighted-------------------------->LI Jiangong4~5 days support one sprint, make a record in next sprint------------->LI JiangongUse SSFS key to replace the user story ------------------------------->FU Xiaoshi;8.Status of planned Features (SSFS-Keys):@Du Da, please prepare a template for this.Done: Feature is finished and tested, really DONE!In Work: Feature is ongoing and going to be finished on time.Planned: Feature is planned to do till end of this sprint and can possibly finished.Delayed: Feature is delayed.Canceled: Feature is not going to be implemented in this sprint.
Short explanation about Delayed and Canceled features in the PDSGàScrumMaster
9.Clear goal for each Sprint is 0 bugs.àScrumMasterCodeCoverage: The goal is to reach >80%. Everything below is not acceptable. It is the responsibility for each ScrumTeam to take care that theValue of AQtime is correct. Any problems on this, please discuss with me.àScrumMaster

1. 建立CodeReview的查询:

3. 建立PA组Bug的查询:

4. 建立自己Task的查询: