Determing client's IP

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AuthorDeterming client's IP

23.04.2009 18:39:46
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How to determine client's IP address in THTTPServer.OnClientConnected, THTTPServer.OnClientDisonnected and TRtcFunction.OnExecute events?
Danijel Tkalcec [RTC]

23.04.2009 19:45:05
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You get the "Sender:TRtcConnection" parameter in every event, which has the PeerAddr property (contains clients IP address).

There is even more information about the client available through the "Sender" parameter (which you get in every event triggered on the Server), you just need to typecast the variable to "TRtcDataServer" (as shown in Quick Start examples). For a complete list of methods and properties available through the "Sender" parameter received in every event on the RTC Server, check the following Help topics:

TRtcConnection (master class)
TRtcServer (extends TRtcConnection)
TRtcDataServer (extends TRtcServer)

TRtcHttpServer, TRtcISAPIServer and TRtcMessageServer components all extend TRtcDataServer.

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Danijel Tkalec

23.04.2009 20:55:24
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A little bit strange behavior...

I have checked this property before ask you :-) But only in THTTPServer.OnClientConnected event. And it's always return '' (when client works on localhost and when client works in network).

But inside TRtcFunction.OnExecute event handler property PeerAddr returns valid IP address.
Danijel Tkalcec [RTC]

23.04.2009 22:42:27
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Sorry, I've missed to mention one important fact. 

You should use the "OnConnect" and "OnDisconnect" events instead of the "OnClientConnect" and "OnClientDisconnect" events to monitor successful connections. The "OnClientConnect", "OnConnecting", "OnClientDisconnect" and "OnDisconnecting" events are there for notification purposes only and will not give you access to all connection parameters.

To be more precise, the RealThinClient SDK has 3 events which can be triggered in the connect process: "OnClientConnect", "OnConnecting" and "OnConnect".

The "OnClientConnect" event (which you have probably meant with "OnClientConnected") is the first event to be triggered when the Server is notified about a new client connection arriving, but *before* a connection has successfully been established and before a connection is ready for use. The same goes for the OnConnecting event.

Since the connection is not fully established yet, you will NOT have access to all connection parameters from the "OnClientConnect" and "OnConnecting" events (for example, the "PeerAddr" and "PeerPort" properties are still undefined), and there is no guarantee the connection will really be established. The OnClientConnect event could actually be immediately followed by the OnClientDisconnect event without the connection ever having been fully established.

On the other hand, the "OnConnect" event is fired only after the connection has successfully been established and when the connection is ready for use. Starting from this event onward, your Server can communicate with the Client (send and receive data). From the "OnConnect" event, you will have access to the clients IP address (through the PeerAddr property).

Also note that the OnClientConnect, OnConnecting, OnClientDisconnect and OnDisconnecting events will not necessarily be triggered by all low-level connection providers (all APIs), but the OnConnect and OnDisconnect events will.

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Danijel Tkalcec