Error'd: Adult Supervision Required

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"I was found that my NAS was choking on small files," Lionel S. writes, "Now I know it was a marble all along."

"I'm glad that Visual Studio is looking out for me," wrote Connor O.

"Yes. That's SO much easier to understand," Lucas M.

"This is the Yellow Pages ( listing for Blackjack Marina in Perry, MO." Travis H. wrote, "Based on that second link, I hope it hasn't dried up."

"Here's an error message that I received while trying to renew my domain on DirectNIC," Shreerang wrote, "Yeah, I'm not sure about that date, but I definitely can't argue with the price."

"I needed to do a factory reset on my Windows Phone, but it turned out that the Settings app could not be opened. Maybe an update is available?," writes James Wright .

Dave C.wrote, "I'm impressed that Intuit was able to condense testimonies from all 5 million small businesses into one small window."

"Latest version? Older version? I can't choose!", writes Jason .

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