Logarithms are no match for Visual Calculation Editor

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Whether you need a strong tool for basic math operations or one that has reciprocal functions for trigonometry, the Visual Calculation Editor app is the solution to the problem. With both free and paid versions, the app provides a method for performing, saving, and sharing step-by-step calculations.

Mathematical functions

You can perform everything from basic operations to extreme functions with Visual Calculation Editor. Exponents, roots, brackets, rounding, absolute value, logarithms, constants, and more are no match for this powerful app.

Visual Calculation Editor features Multiple line calculations User-defined variables and functions Customized keyboard layout for expressions Syntax highlighting Error notifications Portrait and landscape modes Clean interface

As you would likely want in a math calculation app such as this, Visual Calculation Editor has a very clean, intuitive interface. Adding inputs is simple and the area allows for scrolling as well as zooming. The free version may suit your needs just fine, however, if you would like to remove the ads, evaluate more than five expressions, and use open and save features, then the paid version is for you.

Visual Calculation Editor, Free and Visual Calculation Editor ($2.99) are both universal and available on the App Store.

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