Make a Windows Phone app display icons at appropriate sizes in C#

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This information is contained in my book C# 24-Hour Trainer, second edition.

The post Make a Windows Store app display icons at appropriate sizes in C# shows how to give a Windows Store app the images it need in appropriate sizes. The process is similar for a Windows Phone app, except the sizes of the images is different.

See the previous post for information about how to set the images. The following table lists the image sizes with the required sizes highlighted in red.

Category Purpose Sizes Square 44×44 106×106 62×62 44×44 Square 71×71 170×170 99×99 71×71 Square 150×150 360×360 210×210 150×150 Wide 310×150 744×360 434×210 310×150 Store logo 120×120 70×70 50×50 Splash screen 1152×1920 672×1120 480×800

As is the case with Windows Store apps, the images must have exactly the correct sizes for a Windows Phone app. The application will resize a required image within a category if it needs another size in that category.