App-V 5 FAQ: How Do I Suppress UAC Prompts in Applications Delivered with App-V?

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Some older applications (and perhaps even some newer applications) will prompt for elevation on Windows via User Account Control (UAC) – this might be a valid request for elevation, but in the case of many older applications it’s because they expect to run with administrative rights.

Virtualizing an application via App-V can help with older applications by virtualizing rights to protected locations in the file system; however an application may still trigger a UAC prompt. It is possible to suppress these prompts and force the application to run with standard user rights.

There are two primary methods for suppressing these UAC prompts:

Creating an application compatibility shim using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit Setting the __COMPAT_LAYER environment variable

There are two excellent resources on each of these methods:

On Application Compatibility and Shims with Regards to Applications Virtualized with App-V 4.x and 5.xby Steve Thomas Suppressing UAC Prompts In App-V 5 With __COMPAT_LAYERby Dan Gough