Doodle Army 2 not coming to Windows Phone, but Doodle Army 3 heading our way

2015-10-13 16:27:33来源:作者:人点击

Doodle Army 2 by Appsomniacs is an intense multiplayer combat game with up to 6 players online or using local wi-fi. If features an open world maps utilizing rocket boots for extended vertical flight, delivering a cross between Soldat and Halo.

Unfortunately it appears this rather cool game will not be coming to Windows Phone any time soon, as according to the developer after an attempt to port the app “ the framework we are using does not have good enough support for Windows devices ” and the anticipated extra revenue would not justify the resources needed to fix this.

The good news is that the company is planning from the start to bring the next version of the game, Doodle Army 3, to iOS, Android and Windows devices, which should avoid the issue, and if a universal app should address a much larger market than just the windows phone market at present.