Unity Analytics Update: Editor Integration, Heatmaps and Unity IAP Beta

2015-10-13 16:27:39来源:作者:人点击

Unity Analytics is Unity’s official analytics solution. No SDK to implement and it’s f ree ! We have been hard at work expanding our analytics product and we are excited to announce the following new features now available: Native Engine Integration , Heatmaps , and Unity IAP Closed Beta Program .

Given the extremely competitive game landscape, analytics is important. However, in the real world there are also trade-offs, especially when it comes to development resources. Do you spend time:

integrating analytics or [designing a new dungeon level]? integrating analytics or [improving your tutorial]? integrating analytics or [building a new boss encounter]?

It’s about trade-offs and we understand that. Integrating an analytics solution takes away precious game development time. However, making these game design tweaks without understanding the impact and quantifying the effect is basically flying in the dark.

At Unity Analytics, we are focused on making sure developers don’t have to make this trade-off. We built core analytics data tracking directly into the engine . As a result, harnessing the power of your players’ data now requires zero development resources! With a flip of a switch (ok, the Services Window) analytics is now instantly available!

Not only do we provide readily available graphs and charts for your analysis, we’re excited to share with you another tool to visualize your data – Heatmaps ! Take your raw event data and convert your data into easily understood three-dimensional information that you can view right inside your game level. Heatmaps help you to understand your data in the context of your game. Visually answer questions such as where your player is dying in your game or which road is most travelled . Read ourforum post to get started.

At Unite Boston we announced Unity In App Purchase (IAP) – an extensible cross platform API built into the Engine. Unity IAP makes it easy to implement In App Purchases into your application across the most popular App stores. Early next year, we’re rolling out universal reporting, receipt validation, and hosted inventory management. We’re happy to share that we’re looking for Closed Beta testers!Sign up here(in the Unity IAP section).

We have added many of these features in direct response to feedback from the community, so thank you! Please let us know what you think and also which features you would like to see us offer next. Share your feature requests in the feedback tracker . To get started with Unity Analytics – Sign up now . The beta is free to all Unity developers!