KDE's Guidelines For The Plasma Mobile Tablet/Phone Apps

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KDE's Guidelines For The Plasma Mobile Tablet/Phone Apps

Written by Michael Larabel inKDE on 16 October 2015 at 09:22 AM EDT.Add A Comment

Thomas Pfeiffer has been working on the Human Inteface Guidelines (HIG) for KDE applications on phones/tablets.

Pfeiffer wrote a blog post about some of the KDE Phone HIG work thus far with the work he's done and that of other KDE developers. The HIG is striving towards a convergence model, but each device gets its own optimized UI. The HIG is also designed under the impression phones are used for communication and content consumption, users prefer interacting with the center of the screen, content is king, and content often has a hierarchical structure.

If you're curious to see some early KDE Phone HIG mock-ups and other information, see this blog post that's part one of a series covering the new human interface guidelines.

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