Maker builds a tiny TV with a big remote control

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Honey, I shrunk the TV set!

A few years ago, Alec Smecher’sboss broughthim a souvenirfrom Mexico City:a tinytelevisionconsole made of scrap wood, tinfoil and cardboard. Turns out, this little trinket becomes aperfectly good mini TV when paired with the screen of an oldI9000 Android phone that he had lying around.

“Of course, no tiny console is complete without a clunky remote,” Smecher jokes. For this, the Maker chosealarge clicker which ironicallywas larger than the TVitself.There was plenty of room inside the remotefor a non-LE Bluefruitmodule from Adafruit, which could communicate with theI9000.

“The big consideration was how to interface the remote control to the phone. I considered using USB OTG, Wi-Fi, and/or writing some custom software on the phone, but in the end I googled the I9000’s Bluetooth support and found that it was decent, though old, and would happily accept a keyboard or mouse,” Smecher explains.

However, Bluefruit doesn’t support matrix keypads. This ledthe Maker to implementa barebonesATmega328 that wasconfigured to run its own internal clock source. Since the Adafruitboard provides voltage regulation that’s usable bythe additional MCU, theremote was able to keepits stock9V battery power supply.

In terms of software, Smecher says that source code was fairlysimple — heemployed the Arduino Keypad Library and translated keypresses into mouse and keyboard commands for the Bluefruit usingtheserial interface.Looking ahead, he notes that he mayrefine the keys and devise a new template for the remote buttons, but fornow it’s good to go. Intrigued? Click on over to the project’s original page or staytuned to see it in action below!