I'm Converted: How I Convert Packages from App-V 4.x to 5.1

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This has to rank among the top posts that I never thought I would write in my entire life. I mean, it isright up there with “Why I’ll never play golf again”. If we hadsubtitles, the subtitle of this article would be “The 5.1 Converter Doesn’t Suck“. High praise indeed!


This post details out how to organize an efficient conversion project to move packages from MicrosoftApp-V 4.x to 5.x.The example project uses App-V 5.1 andthe free AppV_Managetool (5.1.3) to efficiently manage the process.

The Back Story

When Microsoft re-wrote App-V in version 5, they made such major changes to how applicationvirtualization worked, modernizing it for today’s platforms and apps, they had to change for format of the packaged applications in an incompatible way. To recognize how dramatic that is, the last time there was a major breaking change in the format was back in 2003.

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