Add Contacts to your Account from your Phone

2015-12-08 13:25:33来源:作者:TextIt Blog人点击

TextIt now allows you to create new contacts by submitting their information to a messaging workflow. This pathway is new, but it's already getting use in some interesting contexts. For example, we're learning that this configuration is a convenient way for medical professionals to register new patients. Here's how it works:

Create your Registration Flow

In the sample flow below, Register Patient ,we've created a questionnairethat asks for the contact's default attributes -their name and phone number:

Once the active contact enters those values for the new contact they're creating, they reach a Start Someone Else in a Flow action. This action is unique in that it allows you to start the yet-to-be-created new contact - represented by the @new_contact variable - in the next flow, which we'll modify to update their default contact fields and then add them to your account:

Creating the New Contact

We've placed two Update the Contact actions in the next flow, Create New Patient , which will give the default attributes we collected in the previous flow, and , to the new contact.

Because this flow is connected to the previous flow through a Start Someone Else in a Flow action, we're able to call the flow variables collected by the previous flow by giving them the @extra prefix:

That's all there is to it. Once the new contact's default phone field is given a value, they're added to your account.