Webrtc Example Applications

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WebRTC contains several example applications, which can be found under src/webrtc/examples and src/talk/examples. Higher level applications are listed first.


Peerconnection consist of two applications using the WebRTC Native APIs:

A server application, with target name peerconnection_server

A client application, with target name peerconnection_client (not currently supported on Mac/Android)

The client application has simple voice and video capabilities. The server enables client applications to initiate a call between clients by managing signaling messages generated by the clients.

Setting up P2P calls between peerconnection_clients

Start peerconnection_server. You should see the following message indicating that it is running:

Server listening on port 8888

Start any number of peerconnection_clients and connect them to the server. The client UI consists of a few parts:

Connecting to a server: When the application is started you must specify which machine (by IP address) the server application is running on. Once that is done you can press Connect or the return button.

Select a peer: Once successfully connected to a server, you can connect to a peer by double-clicking or select+press return on a peer’s name.

Video chat: When a peer has been successfully connected to, a video chat will be displayed in full window.

Ending chat session: Press Esc. You will now be back to selecting a peer.

Ending connection: Press Esc and you will now be able to select which server to connect to.

Testing peerconnection_server

Start an instance of peerconnection_server application.

Open src/webrtc/examples/peerconnection/server/server_test.html in your browser. Click Connect. Observe that the peerconnection_server announces your connection. Open one more tab using the same page. Connect it too (with a different name). It is now possible to exchange messages between the connected peers.