hyper:使用 Web 技术创建的 terminal 终端

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For more details, head to: https://hyper.is


Download the latest release!

If you're on macOS, you can also use Homebrew Cask to download the app by running these commands:

$ brew update$ brew cask install hyper Contribute Install the dependencies If you are running Linux, install icnsutils , graphicsmagick , xz-utils and rpm If you are running Windows, install VC++ Build Tools Technical Preview using the Default Install option ; Install Python 2.7 and add it to your %PATH% ; Run npm config set msvs_version 2015 --global Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and thenclone it to your local device Install the dependencies: npm install Build the code and watch for changes: npm run dev In another terminal tab/window/pane, run the app: npm run app

To make sure that your code works in the finished application, you can generate the binaries like this:

$ npm run pack

After that, you'll see the binary in the ./dist folder!

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