ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework and CSS一书翻译系列文章之目录导航

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  ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework and CSS是2016年出版的一本比较新的、关于ASP.NET MVC、EF以及CSS技术的图书,我将尝试着翻译本书以供日后查阅。但是,由于本人英语水平有限,难免有翻译不准确或错误的地方,请大家踊跃提出宝贵的意见,以进行修正。本书一共18章,下面列出各章的英文目录:

Chapter 1: Building a Basic MVC Web Site

Chapter 2: Creating Views, Controllers, and a Database from Model Classes

Chapter 3: Searching, Advanced Filtering, and View Models

Chapter 4: More Advanced Data Management

Chapter 5: Sorting, Paging, and Routing

Chapter 6: Managing Product Images: Many-to-Many Relationships

Chapter 7: Authentication and Authorization Using ASP.NET Identity

Chapter 8: Creating a Shopping Basket

Chapter 9: Checkout: Creating and Viewing Orders

Chapter 10: Advanced Scenarios and Common Workarounds

Chapter 11: Using Entity Framework Code First with an Existing Database

Chapter 12: Introduction to ASP.NET Core v1.0 (MVC6 and EF 7)

Chapter 13: Deploying to Azure

Chapter 14: Restyling the Web Site: An Introduction

Chapter 15: Styling the Home Page

Chapter 16: Styling Forms, Grid Layouts, and Tables

Chapter 17: Advanced CSS

Chapter 18: Responsive Web Sites: Styling for Mobile/Cell and Tablet Sized Devices